Taxation, Trust and Asset Protection

Old Supreme Court of Belize in 1856

Taxation, Trust and Asset Protection


Our team is intimately familiar with the taxation laws in Belize and can provide advice on any taxation issue. We are known for our meticulous review of the taxation laws, for providing sound advice to our clients, and for competently representing our clients before the relevant tax authorities and local courts.


The Belize Trusts Act has been amended to provide for the registration of domestic and international trusts in Belize. Trusts are an excellent way of securing property, and our attorneys are able to advise clients on the establishment of both domestic and international trusts.

Asset Protection

Belize is ideal for investment because it offers a wide range of local and offshore corporations which are regularly used by clients to structure their investments to secure their financial future and to ensure optimum protection and privacy. Our attorneys regularly advise clients on asset protection. We are able to advise on the benefit of each corporation offered in Belize (local and offshore), International Foundations and International Trusts. We also work with foreign attorneys and can therefore include a foreign holding or subsidiary corporation in any investment structure. Each client’s need is unique, and we tailor our advice to meet the protection needs of each client, whether the objective is to ensure financial security, privacy in investments, or to mitigate their tax exposure, where possible.