Civil Litigation

Old Supreme Court of Belize in 1856

Civil Litigation

Our team has a diverse litigation practice. We practice all areas of civil litigation, and have been involved in very complex cases, some of which are landmark cases in Belize and the region. Our attorneys appear regularly before the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal and have garnered a wealth of experience in litigation. We have also argued matters in the Caribbean Court of Justice. Some core areas of civil litigation that we practice are Fraud and Asset Recovery, Tort, Debt Collection and Contract Disputes.

Fraud and Asset Recovery

There has been a notable increase in the number of multi-jurisdictional fraud and asset recovery cases that involve Belizean offshore corporations, Belizean bank accounts, or other assets that have been secreted to Belize. Our team has experience in all facets of fraud and asset recovery, and have successfully represented clients in obtaining Norwich Pharmacal Disclosure Orders and Freezing Orders in aid of local and foreign proceedings. Our attorneys also have experience with receiverships in aid of foreign proceedings, the recognition in Belize of foreign receivership orders, and the enforcement in Belize of foreign judgments and foreign arbitral awards. Our key asset in this area of our practice is the depth of our knowledge and our ability to act swiftly and discreetly in obtaining disclosure and the freezing assets in Belize in aid of local or foreign proceedings.


Our team has extensive knowledge of tort law and have successfully represented clients in personal injuries claims, negligence claims, nuisance claims, public law tort claims, Fatal Accident claims, conversion claims, and other tort claims, some of which are precedent setting. We recognize that in any tort claim our clients seek to be compensated for actual loss suffered and our objective is therefore to ensure that our clients recoup maximum compensation.

Debt Collection

We have an aggressive debt collection practice. Our attorneys have represented leading financial institutions and their customers (local and international) in recovering debts in Belize. We pride ourselves on our success in this area, and our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that no debt goes unpaid.

Contract disputes

Our attorneys have an in depth knowledge of contract law and have successfully represented many clients in contract disputes, including construction contract disputes. We have experience in mediating and litigating contract disputes which arise in employment law, in commercial transactions, and in real estate transactions. We work tirelessly to consistently deliver the best results to our clients